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                 Anew Club Membership

  Essence  ..................$55 Monthly

# 1. Select one of the treatments below

      - Self love facial  ( 45 mins )


    -Microdermabrasion   (30 mins. )

#2. Choose one of the following 

              -  Eye Treatment 


      -Restorative Hand Treatment



Advance   ..................$65 Monthly 

   Select one of the following below 

- Revitalizing  Facial

- Prevent, Treat, & Correct

- Beard Facial 

- Anew Signature Facial 

                   ( 60 minutes )

Favorable ...................$75 Monthly

#1. Select one of the following below

-Teen's Facial 

- Mommy to be

- Oncology Facial

-Prevent, Treat, & Correct

#2. Select one of the following below

- eyebrows 

- chin 

- upper lip

- side burns 

      Receive 6 small waxings ,

      get your 7th waxing FREE!

( eyebrows, chin, nose, upper lip or side burns)

Prior to waxing please discontinue acne topical treatments, retinols, chemical peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion, tanning products on area to be treated, and blood thinners  a week prior to waxing. 

4 Microdermabrasion Treatments 


Prior to microdermabrasion  please discontinue acne topical treatments, retinols, chemical peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion , any type of exfoliation, and tanning products,  a week prior to microdermabrasion.  

               We love Referrals! 

             REFER A FRIEND 

             BOTH  YOU AND                   


      ANY 60 - 70 MINUTE FACIAL



                           Two for the price of one !

                                             Option 1

         Receive any of the following 2 Monthly Facials - $95

      Anew's Signature Facial, Gentlemen's Facial, The beard                              facial,  or the Revitalize  Facial    



                                                  Option 2

                Any of the following 2 Treatments Monthly  - $85

                    Microdermabrasion or  Dermaplaning








Do you know the monthly treatments may be

traded or gifted with a friend or family member?

Example : Favorable Monthly Special

 #1. You could choose the from one of the following    

       (Teen's Facial, Mommy to be, Oncology, 

                     Prevent Treat & Correct )


 2. If choice number two is not imperative a friend or family member could choose from the                                           following listed

          ( eyebrow, chin, upper lip or side burns )