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       Photos by: Speckled Joy Photography

photos by: Speckled Joy

Cristina is the owner of Anew Spa + Clinic .  She has been in the industry for over 10 years. Within the ten years she has worked at some of the most prestigious spas  including Lake Austin Spa Resort and  Four Seasons here in Austin and has had the pleasure of working on clients from Linda Ellerbee to Sara Mouton. While hitting a few bumps on the road it has lead her to open her eyes not only to anti aging treatments but including  healing treatments for patients going through chemo treatments and pregnancy treatments as well. 

She is a licensed medical aesthetician who holds an aesthetician license, laser license and microblading license. Cristna is willing to mentor and possibly hire a new or expirenced aesthetician.


                                                               Our Belief:

            The skin is your body's largest organ so change in the

       skin can be a sign something is going on beneath the surface.    


What our customers are saying

Just had my very first facial and I must say " Wowser Refresh and Renew you're awesome!!!"

Joe O



Hands down  the best facial!

Sarah B. 



I purchased a gift certificate for my sister in law. She has been going through physical issues  and couldn't leave her home. I thought it would be nice to cheer her up with a facial.  The esthetician drove out to her home and gave her a treatment.  Cindy absolutely love it.  Thank you

Witt M.



I have recently moved here from Buda and was looking for a place to get my facial. Passing by I saw this place. Decided to call and make an appointment. Cristina is very knowledgeable and did an amazing job. My skin is back to feeling amazing.

Wendy G.



Cristina is very thorough in her treatments. My skin always feels so much better after seeing her.

Stephanie H.



Wow ! I've had many facials however this has been the best facial ever. 

Tammi R.